The freedom writers diary

G is more confident and understanding of what her students go through. What activity starts to unite them? A lot of the students are separated by races because of the L. Proceeds from this book benefit the Freedom Writers Foundation, an organization set up to provide scholarships for underprivieged youth and to train teachers.

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Inthe Los Angeles Riots were sparked by the acquittal of the Los Angeles Police Department officers who were responsible for the brutal, videotaped beating of Rodney King, an unarmed black man.

September 1, Literary Period: To bring this history to life, the students organized a "Read-a-Thon for Tolerance" to raise money to bring Miep Gies, the woman whose family hid Anne Frank, to their school. What do they say to her when she confronts them?

It is likely that none of their achievements would have been possible without Gruwell's fierce determination and perseverance. How a Teacher a She hates that they have the authority to take things from her for no reason. One day she intercepted a note with an ugly racial caricature, and angrily declared that this was precisely the sort of thing that led to the Holocaust—only to be met by uncomprehending looks.

For many of these studentswhose ranks included substance abusers, gang members, the homeless, and victims of abuseGruwell was the first person to treat them with dignity, to believe in their potential and help them see it themselves.

Gruwell told her class that it was this sort of hate and misunderstanding that led to the Holocaust.

The Freedom Writers Diary

G looks up lyrics from a rapper named Tupac and finds lyrics that relates to the students. Banning of the book in schools[ edit ] On March 11,an English teacher at Perry Meridian High School in Indianapolis, IndianaConnie Heermann, was suspended for a year and a half without pay for using the Freedom Writers Diary in her classroom against the wishes of the school board.

Inspired by reading The Diary of Anne Frank and meeting Zlata Filipovic the eleven-year old girl who wrote of her life in Sarajevo during the civil warthe students began a joint diary of their inner-city upbringings. After intercepting a racist drawing in her class and discovering that many of her students had never heard of the Holocaust, she devoted her entire curriculum to teaching tolerance.

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The Freedom Writers Diary was made up of journals that Erin Gruwell told her students to write in about the troubles of their past, present and future. What historical event does she bring up? The diary that moved me the most was the one about the guy who was evicted during the summer. For many of these students—whose ranks included substance abusers, gang members, the homeless, and victims of abuse—Gruwell was the first person to treat them with dignity, to believe in their potential and help them see it themselves.

A Child's Life in Sarajevo. The reason it struck me was because its not easy to be left out n the streets with no where else to go and no one else to turn to.

So she and her students, using the treasured books Anne Frank: Victims were deported to extermination camps, where they were forced to work under deplorable conditions and were systematically murdered in gas chambers. The following school year comes, and Gruwell teaches her class now sophomores again, making it the second year that she is their teacher.With the use of Gruwell’s engaging teaching techniques, % of her students, affectionately known as the Freedom Writers, graduated from high school, became co-authors of the New York Times bestselling book, The Freedom Writers Diary, and exceeded expectations by pursuing higher education and advanced degrees.

In order. Freedom Writers is a drama film written and directed by Richard LaGravenese and starring Hilary Swank, Scott Glenn, Imelda Staunton, Patrick Dempsey and Mario. It is based on the book The Freedom Writers Diary by teacher Erin Gruwell who wrote the story based on Woodrow Wilson Classical High School in Long Beach, California.

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The Freedom Writers. Walmart # This button opens a dialog that displays additional images for this product with the option to zoom in or out. Tell us if something is incorrect/5(4). asked to write the foreword, or introduction, to The Freedom Writers Diary, a collection of writings by California students who chronicle poverty, homelessness, violence, and other problems they face in.

Freedom Writers (), a film released inaddresses the complex challenges that inner-city teachers face by acting the special pedagogy of one teacher, Erin Gruwell. Throughout the film, the main character Ms. Erin Gruwell is an exemplary teacher regardless of the complexities that surrounds the learning environment.

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The Freedom Writers

The Freedom Writers Diary. 8 notes. Reblog" We spend so much time trying to figure what race a person is when we could just get to know them as individuals". -Freedom Writers. life-is-filled-with-moments-blog.

The freedom writers diary
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