The city planners by margaret atwood and where i come from by elizabeth brewster essay

It is part of the Cambridge Secondary 2 stage. Notably, both air and snow are forces of nature: The people also ignore disorganized nature that the city planners cannot change. There are no set texts for this paper.

Candidates are not required to compare poems or stories within the assignment, as it is assumed that the assignment is based on the study of a wider selection of poems or stories broadly equivalent to a poetry or short stories set text. Atwood considers this as a criticism to the surface.

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Nature tidily plotted in little squares with a fountain in the center; museum smell, art also tidily plotted with a guidebook; In these lines a similar idea of nature being controlled by people is seen. It is perhaps in this sense that the poet is bringing us back to a day with the dentist, and how movement is perfect from him.

The poem the City Planners - Sample Essay

The tight, short lines flow as if to show the tight chopping and control of colonialism. Note the metaphor used for the house as a ship, as if a crack in the building would send water rushing into the boat.

Nature is being oppressed to grow in a peculiar way in a peculiar location, just for the sake of decoration in the city.

Atwood considers this as a criticism to the surface.

The poem the City Planners

No set texts for this component. More essays like this: The same slant of avoidance to the hot sky. Sanitary trees, assert Levelness of surface like a rebuke This line gives an effect to the reader that everything is perfect in the city.

All questions carry equal marks. Negative towards urbanization, conformity and the sense of everyone being a robot that comes with it.

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Combining these syllabuses with other syllabuses Candidates can combine either of these syllabuses in an examination series with any other Cambridge syllabus, except: She states that in the countryside the people are very different from those in the city.

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It conveys a sense of being very organized and precise. Both could be described as anti- modernist. On each set text, candidates have a choice of three questions as follows:The City Planners By Margaret Atwood Parisha Mistry-Patel 2.

”The City Planners” by Margaret Atwood and ”Where I Come From” by Elizabeth Brewster Essay Sample

Margaret Eleanor Atwood • Birth Date: 18th November • Birth Place: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Margaret Atwood talks about each politician or City Planner being in their own private blizzard this can be a metaphor for money, as the investment of the politician brings in a lot of money.

On the other hand it can also refer to a disaster, as wealth often brings about the worst in people. The poem the City Planners - Sample Essay In the poem the ‘City Planners’ and ‘Where I come from’ by Margaret Atwood and Elizabeth Brewster respectively, the poets use metaphors, imagery and use of negative as well as positive diction to describe the influence of.

Poetry Analysis Essays are organised alphabetically by poet's last name + Kid + My Father Thought it Bloody Queer + Out of the Blue + Poem + To Poverty + The Convergence of the Twain + True North Margaret Atwood + The City Planners Elizabeth Brewster + Where I Come From Robert Browning + My Last Duchess [DEF] Carol Ann Duffy [Duffy.

Also see: Elizabeth Brewster ‘ Where I Come From ‘. “The City Planners” by Margaret Atwood and “The Planners” by Boey Kim Cheng.

The City Planners –Margaret Attwood. Instructions: For each word, write down the definition and include an image. Word. Meaning. Image. • Atwood wrote the poem after driving around a modern city.

She felt there was a lack of vitality and a similarity about the suburbs. She begins with the word “cruising” to establish the sense of driving through a residential area .

The city planners by margaret atwood and where i come from by elizabeth brewster essay
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