Samurai and knights mini-q essay

Samurai warriors existed in a hierarchical and conformist culture that rewarded obedience and loyalty over individuality. Or will the encounter be a blind one in which neither knows anything about their adversary?

We should consider that, despite their later acquired reputation for swordsmanship, the samurai's primary weapon was, in fact, not the sword. Despite its considerable reach though, there are numerous techniques for infighting using the long-sword's "half" guards and there are many techniques for striking with a shield.

Knightly blades could be excellent swords, but are often denigrated merely as crude hunks of iron while samurai swords are venerated and exalted sometimes to the point of absurdity by collectors and enthusiasts something the Japanese themselves do not discourage.

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Empirical evidence from another. In addition to this test Gill also proved the quality of his blades by striking them flat-wise on a slab of cast-iron, and then edge-wise on cylinder of wrought-iron.

Students group documents in each category. The wider style can make a somewhat greater variety of strikes and delivers more effective cuts overall. The actions are larger with more fast whirling actions as the two edges are employed, the pommel alone gripped, or the hands changed to different positions on the hilt such as placement of the thumb on the flat of the blade or upon the lip of the cross.

Mud play analysis essay. The shield was not used the way typically shown in movies, video games, stage-combat, or historical role-playing organizations such as the SCA.

There was an overall decline in the general quality of military swords acknowledged in late 18th century England, such that one account in stated: While courage is important, fighting spirit alone is insufficient.

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Samurai And Knights Essay

Teaching Tips Every document contains content-rich suggestions to help teachers engage students in analyzing documents. At the same time, while we may not have an extant tradition of knightly martial arts any longer, we however do have volumes of actual training manuals from the era describing in technical detail for us just what their skills and methods at the time were all about.

Both cultures had experience fighting against outsiders and foreigners: Of course, the Japanese warrior's well-known attitude of proud invincibility and readiness to die for his lord could equally make him vulnerable to an unfamiliar foe. Some could suggest that the samurai was simply a better swordsman and more tenacious warrior and would likely out-fight his European counterpart.

Yet, as a long, straight blade tapering to a keen point, the longsword is a better thruster. Maile armor existed in numerous styles and patterns but arguably reached its zenith in 15th century Western Europe, where closely-woven riveted links could resist any drawing slice as well as being proof against many slashes and thrusts from swords.

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Samurai and Knights MINI-Q Background Essay 1. Weak governments and weak military led to the development of feudalism. 2. Promised to fight for the lords if war arose. 3. The samurai 4.

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The knight (chivalry) 5. Chivalry in europe and bushido in japan 6. Background Essay Samurai & Knights Mini-Q Samurai and Knights: EV Were the Similarities Greater Than the Differences? You live in a country with a weak government. Samurai and knights essay keyword after analyzing the system lists the list of keywords related and the list of websites with related content, in addition you can see which keywords most interested customers on the this website.

Samurai and Knights: Were the Similarities Greater Than the Differences?

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Samurai and knights mini-q essay
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