Equality and diversity case studies nhs

Male nurses are still seen as a bit of an oddity. Some key publications are: Materials and resources produced are published and free to access and use.

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It covers a host of topics that fit in with the PSHE national curriculum and are transferable to use with adult groups and as part of staff development and induction, and includes separate printable card pack.

We have given careful consideration to the guidance and advice issued by the Equality and Human Rights Commission EHRC sincewhen we last published our equality objectives.

Trans equality in post school education Is this page useful? However, there were excellent opportunities to advance equality in the design of future NHS England functions, embedding fairness and equity in its establishment from the outset.

Each activity comes with accompanying guidance notes and is all ready to use. The Equal Opportunities Commission said the ruling challenged assumptions that all men are sexual predators. Alternatively, the facilitators delivering these activities can choose to use something of their own alongside these activities.

Using research and data to promote inclusive workplaces. As recognition of this a range of stakeholders from across organisations representing our diverse local community were involved in contributing to the Equality Impact Assessment on the formation of a new Hospital Trust and further engagement is planned as we develop our community engagement and partnership approach for the new organisation.

Pregnancy and maternity related absences are recorded. In order to minimise further delay NHS Digital have indicated that they may allow systems such as ESR to implement the required changes whilst the process to formally publish a revised National Workforce Dataset is underway.

Will changes be made to ESR ahead of the wider review? We have commissioned research on a variety of topics in recent years. For example, International UK wide and Scottish studies have shown that some minority communities may have worse health experience in the form of premature deaths, and long term chronic ill health and disabilities, than others.

The Trust is fully committed to adherence to the Equality Act and undertaking action under the public sector Equality Duties, as defined within the Act. Every 4 years, public bodies subject to these duties are also required to publish equality objectives.

Users of ESR will be advised of changes and implementation dates through the usual channels including Release Notices and User Group meetings. This was superseded by the Equality Act It can be seen or detected in processes, attitudes and behaviour which amount to discrimination through unwitting prejudice, ignorance, thoughtlessness and racist stereotyping which disadvantage minority ethnic people.

Members of the forum will be: Generally the termrefers toagroupidentitybasedonshared geographical origin, language, culturaltradition or religion or other socialcharacteristics. More recently we supported projects that could share and sustain good practice across the sector.

Case Studies

Every person has one or more of the protected characteristics, so the act protects everyone against unfair treatment.

Without recognition and action to eliminate such racism it can prevail as part of the ethos or culture of the organisation. This activity pack contains 12 practical tried and tested activities that can be easily adapted as required for different audiences and come complete with differentiation ideas and materials to meet individual needs.

EDS case studies

A comprehensive review of how Britain is performing on equality and human rights. How are equality, diversity and human rights incorporated into your governance arrangements? When will the review be completed? As part of the formation of the new organisation, stakeholders and community partners have been engaged to help build a new way of working in partnership right from the start.The purpose of this exploratory study was to investigate the business case for equality and diversity in Small and Medium-Size Enterprises.

National Health Service (NHS) studies focusing. Equality, diversity and inclusion grants - evaluation of equality and diversity grants given by the SFA to colleges and training organisations between and to develop the capacity of the. Within each section we have highlighted ‘Diversity in Practice’ case studies which illustrate examples of how we have considered diversity and inclusion in our work.

We are committed to building on this existing good practice.

​Case studies

Our people NHS Equality and Diversity Council. Notes of Equality and Diversity Committee meeting Friday 18 DecemberSeminar Room 17, Learning & Research, Southmead 12 NHS Employers Equality Conference Diversity Dividend - CM and LM attended this conference. Can look at case studies on NHS Employers and PJ asked what more we could do for.

Equality and Diversity - why your details are recorded. Under the terms of the Equality Act all Public Sector Employers, including the NHS, are obliged to ensure that employees are not discriminated against, harassed or victimised on the grounds of a number of Protected Characteristics.

NHS Forth Valley Mainstreaming Equality The NHS Forth Valley Equality and Diversity Mainstreaming and Progress Report summarises how we have met our Public Sector Duties during - and will continue Further examples and case studies will be evidenced throughout this Report.

Equality and diversity case studies nhs
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