Case 1 3 politicalization of accounting standards

Case A factor that influenced the development of accounting during the 19th century was the evolution of joint ventures into business corporations in England. Bush signed into law the Sarbanes-Oxley Bill, which imposes a number of corporate governance rules on publicly traded companies 3.

When was the constitutional amendment permitting an income tax ratified? Individuals Respond to the following problems by conducting tax research and including tax-planning advice: If an individual member of the AICPA decided that a principle or procedure outside of the official pronouncements of the APB had substantial authoritative support, the member had to disclose the departure from the official APB opinion in the financial statements of the firm in question.

Many accountants feel that accounting is primarily technical in nature. Client X offers a generous employee compensation package that includes employee stock options. Client X contacted you for clarification and recommendations regarding whether the interest cost on construction of a new warehouse may be included in the cost of the new warehouse.

Inafter a decade of bitter interfactional disputes, this group was reorganized into the American Institute of Accountants AIA. The client has also informed you that by losing the lawsuit, he or she anticipates losing the mortgage and has started talking to a mortgage lender.

Your Company has asked you to prepare the footnotes for its annual report. Case Politicization of GAAP Some accountants have said that politicization in the development and acceptance of generally accepted accounting principles i. The Home Depot, Inc. Some use the term politicalization in a narrow sense to mean the influence by government agencies, particularly the SEC, on the development of generally accepted accounting principles.

They could also argue that under the FASB there is too much flexibility and too much reliance on managerial intent, thereby allowing management to manage earnings and otherwise manipulate its financial statements. The client, meanwhile, has asked you to describe what would happen to his or her financial statements.

The first number is the Section number, and the second part is the Paragraph number within that Section. International Financial Reporting Standards of the International Accounting Standards Board Pronouncements of professional associations or regulatory agencies v.

The Home Depot, Inc.

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How does act affect the audits for the accounting firm and for the organization? Initially this group focused on matters of curriculum development, and it was not until much later that it attempted to become involved in the development of accounting theory. How do these differences and similarities affect the comparability of financial reports?

What are at least three International Accounting Standards?ACC Week 2 Textbook Cases Write a to word response for each of the following cases answering the questions located at the end of each case. Case Generally Accepted Accounting Principles on page 28) Case Politicization of Accounting Standards (page 28) Case The Theo.

Accounting Principles: A Business Perspective, Financial Accounting (Chapters 1 – 8) A Textbook Equity Open College Textbook cases, simulations, and group projects. Both inside and outside the classroom, there would be two-way 1 Accounting Education Change Commission, Position Statement No.

Two, “The First Course in.

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Topics Questions Cases 1. Subject matter of accounting. 1 4 2. Environment of accounting. 2, 3, 28 6, 7 3. Role of principles, objectives, standards, CA Politicalization of GAAP.

Complex 30–40 CA Models for setting GAAP. Simple 15–20 ment of accounting standards, especially in the area of disclosure requirements.

In December. Writing Assignment 3 Part 1 REQUIRED Listed below are 5 case scenarios involving accounting issues. For each one, you are to use the Accounting Standards Codification (ASC) database to determine the precise reference that represents the most specific. Baskerville, Rachel F., Questions (and Answers) About IFRS (December 31, ).

Accounting Educator: Courses, Cases & Teaching eJournal. Financial Statement Effects of Adopting International Accounting Standards: the Case of Germany. Case Politicalization of Accounting Standards: (Financial Accounting Theory and Analysis, p. 27).Prepare a word response for each of the following cases answering the questions located at the end of each case: Some accountants have said that politicalization in the development and acceptance of generally accepted accounting principles (i.e., standard setting) is taking place.

Case 1 3 politicalization of accounting standards
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