Business owners and epa duke it out

Pollutants in our indoor environment can increase the risk of illness. Click on this link to find out which browser you are currently using: Avoid bringing products into the building that could release harmful or bothersome odors or contaminants.

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The Hazardous Substances Data Bank, a part of the collection, contains information on regulatory requirements for thousands of potentially hazardous chemicals. The type of refrigerant you use depends on how your HVAC system was installed. D53 defines terms employed in international agreements related to comparative and international environmental law.

If the renovation work is contracted through you, ensure that the architect or interior designer and contractor are made aware, in advance, of the practices and procedures to be used during construction activities.

Compilation of the principal definitions used in environmental statutes, regulations and management systems in the United States.

Never store perishable food products in your desk or on shelves. These projects will help mitigate some of the harmful effects of acid deposition on plants and animals. If possible, try to arrange for plastic wrappings to be removed from partitions, carpet rolls and other new materials before they are brought into the space.

Because good indoor air quality depends on the actions of everyone in the building, a partnership between building management and occupants is the best way to maintain a healthy and productive work space.

An Office Building Occupants Guide to Indoor Air Quality

Department of Justice today announced a settlement with NGL Crude Logistics, LLC that resolves allegations that the company entered into a series of transactions inthat resulted in the generation of more than 36 million invalid renewable fuel credits. Long-haul truck drivers often idle their engines during rest stops to power vehicle systems, such as to supply heat or cooling in their sleeper cab compartments, and to maintain vehicle battery charge while electrical appliances such as TVs, computers and microwaves are in use.


Allergic responses to indoor biological pollutant exposures cause symptoms in allergic individuals and also play a key role in triggering asthma episodes for an estimated 15 million Americans. State and local governments can build on programs they already have established for permitting sources of air pollution when developing their operating permit programs under the Act.

Some of the things this person can do to improve indoor air quality include: Current Awareness Services It is possible to begin environmental law research in primary legal sources, such as an annotated code and the Code of Federal Regulations. The specific requirements affecting your company will most often depend on how badly your local air is polluted, and the kinds and quantities of pollutants your business emits into the air.

Avoid procedures and products that can cause problems.Duke must submit a plan to the EPA, ata maximum of $, for the purchase and installation of clean air energy generation resources and/or environmentally beneficial energy efficiency measures in economically distressed counties.

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An Office Building Occupants Guide to Indoor Air Quality

The Saga of North Carolina’s Contaminated Water. The state’s GOP leadership tried to make the state more business-friendly. Now residents are saying their water isn’t safe to drink. EPA and the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) have published comprehensive guidance for building owners and managers.

Download PDF version of guide for print. Environmental law is a complex mix of federal, state and local laws, regulations, policy choices, science, and health concerns. In addition, it is a dynamic area of the law with changes occurring rapidly.

Researching environmental law requires awareness that this area of the law is more than just a collection of laws and regulations and is, in fact, a. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the U.S. Justice Department today announced a Clean Air Act settlement with Holcim (US) Inc.

(Holcim) and former owner St. Lawrence Cement Company, LLC, that covers the Portland cement manufacturing facility in Hagerstown, Maryland.

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Business owners and epa duke it out
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