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Next the audience will find out something about the main characters who. For example, Linda Cropper, who plays Jared's mother in Blackrock, has the hardened look of a tough, working, single mother. Both play to stereotyped Australian colloquialism in an effort to appeal Blackrock essay mateship the targeted age group of adolescents.

This is essential in consolidating their critical understanding of the text. This big scene also takes us to another birthday event of that same night: Schoolies has become an integral part of the voyage from student to adulthood as the character Lynette metaphorically states in the play: Both initially play to Australian stereotypes and colloquialism but as interrelationships develop audiences are invited to gain insight into the youth culture and the society which they represent.

The action is telling enough, but Tiffany leaves the scenes looking almost as if she is bloodied. Blackrock essay mateship the scene with just Jared and Ricko implies their significance in the narrative. Discuss the effect of using the character of Jared as a focaliser through which the events in Blackrock are connected.

Brittany Matters and Christina Devetzidis in the younger, key female roles take the honours with their standout performances as Cherie Milenko and Rachel Ackland. Due to this fact it can be said that the convenient intertwining of narratives and about inadvertent relationships do offer penetration into Australian Youth Culture but in most cases it merely scratches the surface.

Set an essay on one of the following topics: Class could also be revealed through the language of the characters, such as frequent profanity, poor grammar, colloquialism and shortening of names.

Incorporate peer review and self-reflection as part of the task for evaluative purposes. Parents are blamed for neglecting their children in both cases.

The male young persons besides seem slightly apathetic in relation to life and life in relation to the slaying of Tracey Warner. We know that it is possible that Jared will harm Rachel, perhaps sexually. In making so the interrelatedness formed invites international audiences to see what this facet of Australian Youth Culture is inherit of.

Diane and Glenys cheering on a male stripper. While Blackrock is not centrally interested in what really happened, the audience still experiences emblematic versions of the rape and murder, and these provide key moments in the drama.

Blackrock by Nick Enright.

Have students write an essay on the importance of stage directions as a meaning making device. An audience might think that the girl running on is the girl in the ad. It can be a highly affecting moment.

Stephen Davis created the characters Calvin and Hobbs to represent stereotypical Aussie battlers; they aid in providing comic relief through their language choices and embody the traits of mateship, larrikinism and irresponsible behaviour which unfortunately leads to the untimely death of Calvin.

Eventually, Jared lands on his essential problem: The monologue should be performed, enabling students to demonstrate an awareness of non-verbal as well as verbal elements of drama.

When we meet Jared, he appears to be in a good place. A Property of the Clan shares much with Blackrock, including three principal characters — Jared, Diane and Ricko — as well as the idea that the murdered girl and the criminal acts should be kept off stage.

Brien cited the film as an example of why sensitivity and care must be taken when fictionalising an actual crime. Morning after the party on November 3, Most of the males in the play have a barely concealed contempt for anything that smacks of the feminine.

It foreshadows his later break from the group when he refuses to lie for his mates. The script is action packed, but the colloquial language initially jars and creates a barrier to the delivery of meaning.

Black rock, Nick Enright

Davis offers an intrepid representation of the human context through intertwining interrelationships, dramatic form and language which culminates to form an accurate depiction of Australian youth. Find examples in the text of stereotypical masculine and feminine behaviours.

He had a choice; she did not. However Blackrock does offer a true representation of mateship and how one would act under immense pressure. It can be seen in the play that as a result of these rebellious actions, the careless acts undertaken whilst under the influence of alcohol can have devastating consequences.

· Blackrock was a “adult” rewrite by Nick Enright of A Property of the Clan, commissioned from him four years earlier by Newcastle’s Freewheels Company as a work for high school audiences.


Both plays look at the issues that were raised by the rape and murder of a year-old girl after a Newcastle area beach "Blackrock" explores the strength of mateship, the importance of image and the dangers of peer pressure, parties and underage drinking.

The second play is the popular "Blurred" by the playwright Stephen Davis; which offers a comedic and clever representation of perhaps the most famous Australian youth orientated rite of passage, "Schoolies" Mateship is a great Australian Quality which embodies loyalty, Equality and describes a relationship between men during challenging times.

Mateship is shown extensively throughout Blackrock. Especially through the relationship of Jared and Ricko.

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Blackrock Essay Donna 1 (This is a working title) Blackrock: Challenges to the dominant ideology held in Australia Blackrock by Nick Enright challenges the dominant ideology of masculinity and mateship that is held as the icon of what it means to be a 'man' in Australian contemporary society.

Property of the Clan Essay ‘Property of the Clan’, authored by renowned playwright Nick Enright, is a diverse and confronting play. It follows the journey of a few key characters involved with the murder of Tracy Warner, in the town of Black Rock, a patriarchal Mateship Gender Nick Enright on Blackrock Based on event, not characters.

Black rock, Nick Enright

Jarrod's character = symbolic. Written for teenagers Violence: This play revolves around violence. The act of gang rape is the most obvious example of violence and needs little

Blackrock essay mateship
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